Avant Garden Plant Based

Eten&Drinken / Pure Markt-plaats

We call our production kitchen ‘The Lab”. In the style of NOMA restaurants Rene Redzepi & fermenter David Zilber, we never limit ourselves to the basic traditional fermented foods and drinks. Experimentation and culinary fusion are a major part of what we produce and share with everyone, some as year-round products, some as small and seasonal batches.

Food and cooking have always been a part of our lives. As a team, we made our first fermented cider back in 2015. As admirers of Sandor Katz and other knowledgeable fermenters, we have researched, learned, and advanced to producing many different plant-based fermentations.

Some of our vegan kimchis are a fusion of traditional recipes with other culinary ingredients and flavours. All loaded with natural probiotics & healthy microorganisms, important for a healthy microbiome. Enjoy more than your everyday salad while promoting your digestive health.

Our water kefir (kə-FEER) comes in Original and a mix of flavours. We start with sterile laboratory water kefir grains grown in filtered mineral water and add natural fruit and herb extracts.

Pickling and fermentation are ancient processes of preservation. We combine the two. Our New York Deli Dills are loved by many; in spicy or sour. Other pickles include white beets, yellow beets, Japanese-style mushrooms, and fennel.

From fruity and mild to HOT, our fermented hot sauces are made from local and imported peppers.

In our aged/black category, we carry black garlic, black limes, and seasonal goodies. Fermented mustard and other condiments are produced year-round.

Avant Garden Plant Based