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Holland’s most renowned traveling market!

The Pure Markt (Pure Market) is one of Holland’s most renowned markets; a source of exceptional, artisan, Dutch and international produce, food and creativity. Approximately 70% of our stalls are food related and the rest is a mix of designer, vintage and gift items.

Remarkable participants

The market is populated by a community of remarkable participants from all around Holland and the rest of the world, all of whom are deeply passionate about the product they offer. Many of the participants are themselves producers, people who grow, harvest, bake and cook the food they offer and make the products they sell.

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info is in Dutch, but the pictures tell their story.

Come discover, taste and learn

Our market is a place to explore, discover, taste and learn about all the different foods of Holland (and the rest of the world). Try some Dutch Gouda cheese, vegetarian gyros, Japanese curry, American pie or a freshly chucked oyster. Order an organic beer, coffee or wine to go with that and take a seat at one of our many terraces throughout the market. Enjoy the sun, music and if you are one of our young visitors take a spin in our solar powered merry-go-round. We also offer fresh produce and foods to stock your refrigerator at home (or hotel) and gifts to take home to your loved ones.


The Pure Markt is a traveling Sunday market with its base in Amsterdam.



Every last sunday of the month



Every second Sunday of the month

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Info is in Dutch, but you’ll figure out the most important stuf. If not send us an email.

Do you want to participate at our market, check our application (inschrijven) page for more info.